Thank you for your interest to be an Affiliate (hereinafter known as “Affiliate” or “you”) for Nade El Luna (Nade Wear (M) Sdn Bhd, 1347699-U) (hereinafter known as “NADE” or “we”). The TERMS AND CONDITIONS prescribed herein shall take effect from 21st Nov 2019, are intended to regulate the relationship between NADE and Affiliate and also to ensure the convenience of all intended parties.

  • A commitment fee must be completed to NADE upon registering. A non-refundable RM30 in required to open your Affiliate account, with no hidden charges and it is a lifetime fee. A proof of payment shall be provided by Affiliate when fill in the registration form.
  • Affiliate must consistently being active by making at least three (3) orders per month. Any failure to do so, your account will be terminated without any notice. Hence, you are required to register again and the RM30 commitment fee shall be charged to open a new Affiliate account.

Kindly be duly noted that any further changes to this Terms and Conditions shall not be amended and replaced without any prior notice to the Affiliate. We appreciate your cooperation to periodically visit our website and our social media site (Instagram and others) for any updates, changes or further development of the Terms and Conditions.

If you have any inquiries on the Terms and Conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: or phone: Phone: +60 10-214 0388 (Office hour)

General Conditions on Product

  1. NADE undertakes to Affiliate that all effort and scrutiny has been conducted to ensure the accuracy of the design, specification and pricing of all kinds of Products shown on our social media websites or any other advertising platform.
  2. NADE undertakes that all the products described and offered at our website and any other NADE’s official social media are correct at the time of published and/or advertisement. NADE shall not accept any responsibility on any discoloration due to the difference as appear in your computer, tablet or telephone. NADE also undertake to promptly correct any errors and/ or misinformation (if any) and update Affiliate accordingly.
  3. NADE reserves all rights to amend, alter, add or discontinue any designs, measurements, prices and products without any further reference to Affiliate.

General Terms on Ordering Products

  1. Affiliate will be given your own unique link upon registering in order to obtain the 10% Sales Commission for each online order.
  2. Affiliate may share the unique link via your own marketing platform. An Affiliate shall be granted the Commission when you or any customer used the link in making online order(s).
  3. NADE will pay the Commission of that month’s total orders to Affiliate’s bank account within the first (1st) week of the following month.
  4. Products issued and produced by NADE are limited while it is still in production. Change in price and total quantity that may be ordered by Affiliate is subject to the sole discretion of NADE.
  5. NADE has the absolute right to accept or cancel your order without further reference to Affiliate.

Products Delivery

  1. Affiliate shall notify NADE which type of delivery (either by postage to customer, postage to Affiliate or to self-collect at NADE’s HQ) at the time of placing the product order online.
  2. Shall Affiliate opted for delivery by postage, NADE will provide the delivery tracking number for Affiliate to track your shipping progress (depending of the postal service).
  3. Shall Affiliate opted for self-collection, NADE will notify Affiliate on the time and place of the self- collection.
  4. NADE shall not be responsible for misdelivery due to wrong address or incomplete delivery details given by Affiliate. Please ensure that the information provided to NADE is complete, true and up-to-date.
  5. NADE will use credible postal service in which the quality of delivery is recommended and shall not be held liable if the product(s) ordered are lost during delivery process.
  6. To ensure the safe delivery of our products, please ensure that there are people who will receive the products sent in order to avoid any unexpected problems.
  7. For international shipping, postal surcharges or import duties may be subjected upon receipt of the products.

Replacement Policy

  1. If there are any errors in quantities or damage to the product(s), Affiliate should immediately contact NADE to either return the product(s) within fourteen (14) days or inform NADE of the shortage in delivery.
  2. NADE assure the quality of product received by Affiliate and therefore only product that is certified damaged, faulty or defective in terms of specification, colour and design will be replaced.
  3. Products that are certified in good condition and meet the standards of NADE will not be changed.
  4. Please provide the proof of postage and/or invoice and or proof of payment to enable NADE to process for any product replacements.
  5. NADE will bear all the costs involved in the replacement of defective product(s) that shall include all the costs of delivery or reimbursement of postage charges.

Other Conditions relating to the Agent

  1. Affiliate are not allowed to bad-mouth or defame the name of NADE or any of its product.
  2. Affiliate are not allowed to reproduce NADE’s products or use the exclusive label of NADE on other unauthorised products without the prior written permission from NADE.
  3. Affiliate are not allowed to sell any counterfeit products that are similar and resemble the products from NADE.
  4. Affiliate are not allowed to sell the Products more expensive than the recommended retail price.
  5. Affiliate must be responsible for your own customers. NADE shall not be accountable and shall not be held liable on any matter involving the customers of the Affiliate.

Suspension and Revocation

  1. NADE reserves the right to take any action or any remedy available under the law as it deems fit and proper without notice to the Affiliate in the event the Affiliate failed, refused or neglected to abide by the Terms and Conditions.
  2. Without prejudice to the rights provided by law, NADE shall have the liberty to take other actions as follows:
    – suspension of the Affiliate with NADE;
    – immediate cessation to deliver any Products; or
    – blacklisting of the NADE, for any errors, negligence or violation committed by Affiliate on the Terms and Conditions.
  3. If there is any reason or suspicion where the Affiliate is involved or is suspected of involvement in any illegal activity, fraud or malicious falsehood that will affect the business or goodwill of NADE, we will not hesitate and immediately report to the relevant authorities and terminate the Affiliate accordingly.

Privacy Policy

  1. Affiliate has agreed and consented to the disclosure of personal data and information provided for the purposes of the Terms and Conditions.
  2. NADE undertakes that all personal data and any information obtained from the Affiliate will be used only for the purposes of registration and records.
  3. NADE will not share information with other person without the approval by the Affiliate.
  4. Any personal information of the Affiliate collected is pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

Other Conditions

  1. The relationship between the parties is that of buyer and seller. Affiliate is not an employee or considered a member of NADE under the law.
  2. Nothing in the Terms and Conditions shall operate to determine or transfer any name, title or any intellectual property rights of NADE to the Affiliate.
  3. Any applicable tax is paid by each Party in accordance with the provisions of tax laws in Malaysia.
  4. All rights of NADE and/or its representative, Affiliate and agents are reserved.
  5. The Terms and Conditions and any dispute or claim arising out of or in connection herewith shall be governed by and construed in accordance with, the laws of Malaysia.
  6. NADE welcomes any feedback and is considering the demand for its products outside of Malaysia but we do not give any warranty that the use of the Terms and Conditions shall
    comply with the relevant jurisdiction outside of Malaysia. Any matter regarding delivery of Products and involvement from outside Malaysia is at the Customer own risk.
  7. The Terms and Conditions is final and subject to change from time to time. Upon registering as one of our Affiliate, you are hereby declare that you have read, understood and accepted the Terms and Conditions in its entirely without any reservation or amendment.


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