The Company

We aim to be the go to brand to all modest fashionista out there.

The company runs by the awesome Nade El Luna in house team, retail partners and our hardworking affiliates. Every single one of them are the reason why we are still here, serving you.


The Founder

NADE EL LUNA was created in 2012 by a mom of 5. Me! *chuckles

People call me Na in short. I am a mom and I always have a passion in business. My family do a lot of businesses ranging from food to beauty to printing and to all sort of small businesses that we could think of. That explain where the passion comes from.

In Malaysia, modest fashion is big. We’re very colourful and some can be avant garde that it can sometimes blows your mind and wonder how could we wear that. So in finding something to wear in between rushing to send the kids to school to cooking to chores and to make this small business work, I have a found a tiny gap in the market. That is the lack of absolutely totally comfortable modest wears that you could probably sleep in them but still look (maybe just maybe) like Audrey Hepburn from Malaysia. *chuckles Thus, NADE EL LUNA was born or may I say – Defined

Today, NADE EL LUNA is known for its fun and colourful pieces that are affordable & comfortable everyday wear. Every design of ours flattering all shapes, evergreen fashion yet modest. We took great care in finding the best materials for this very lovely tropical country of ours. Our tops are usually made from cotton that are so cooling to the skin. The girls love them so much that they bought all available colours. It was such an honour to serve and I truly am very grateful for all my wonderful beautiful customers.

Because without them NADE EL LUNA could never go this far.